Monday, July 18, 2016

Wow ... it has been a while

I must say, I admire people who can blog all the time. I do not seem to be good at it. I blog for a while, then either grow busy or find what I write boring, and stop. So what is new since I last blogged?

We continue to love living in the House on the Cove, and being not far from Baby Bear and Boo Boo, who are expecting their first child very soon ... I suspect all our lives are going to change in ways we cannot envision when that happens. Baby Bear and Boo Boo are going to be phenomenal parents.

This summer (2016) I paid someone to dig a flower bed for me, and I bought and planted flowers. I also was able to encourage my grandmother's peonies to bloom for the first time in Maine. These flowers were first planted in West Virginia in the early 1900's, and then transplanted to Virginia, and finally brought to Maine. The store bought flowers looked good at first, but not so much now. I am not certain what the difficulty is, but I am told to be patient and see what happens next year. There is a flower bed down the road with many of the same flowers I have, and it looks fabulous. Mine? It is struggling. Perhaps that one is watered - I have not been watering of late and it is dry here. The fox glove seem to like it. The poppies, not so much. The heather seems to like a bit of water. The lavendar likes a bit of water, too. I am thinking some parts of the plantings need to go away. And I need to work on other parts. One needs to be patient with flowers. Oh. The blueberries I planted are starting to ripen. They are not as sweet as local wild blueberries. Oh well. Maybe they need to find another home. When it cools a bit, I want to dig another bed for daffodils and iris. And I want some more colored echinacea, and fewer white flowers. It looks like we will have abundant black berries this fall. Yum!!

I visited in North Carolina for an extended time in 2014 - 2015 to help with care for my mom. One of my sisters lives there and provided us all space to be, my other sister was there for much of the time, too, and my brother came as he could. Together, we provided Mom love and care as she made her final journey. She is missed. Our journey together was a special blessing that we shared.

I ran a half marathon in fall 2015. That was a challenge and was fun. I am grateful to Kristy Sharp who formulated the training plan and provided a training group with which to run. The women were all supportive and fantastic.

Papa Bear continues his work with computers and cameras. He is quite good at both.

We went to Europe with dear friends and took a river cruise that was fabulous in summer 2015.

And we take courses on occasion - we love the Geology courses taught by Duane and Ruth Braun via the Acadia Senior College.

Today I applied a new template to this blog, so I am hoping older posts are still readable. And I might try to do another post when something interesting happens.

Remember: just because you disagree with someone does not mean they are stupid or mean - different opinions help to keep the world interesting. Let's treat each other with kindness, respect and love. It makes the world a better place when we do.

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