Monday, April 25, 2011

Journey North

We left the House on the Creek mostly packed, somewhat clean, and ventured forth to make our way to the House on the Cove. The Young Couple, who will occupy the House on the Creek for the next 18 months, are starting their move-in. We feel so blessed to have them be our caretakers during our extended adventure at the House on the Cove.

The drive north was largely uneventful. The first day we had downpours of rain, snow showers, and clouds. The second day we again had downpours of rain. At journey's end that day we had delectable sandwiches with Baby Bear and Boo Boo at the Deli After Dark in Dedham, MA: so good, so good! We then stayed near Baby Bear and Boo Boo for a day. Baby Bear became a member of her faith community; we went to worship with her and Boo Boo. It was a lovely service and the faith family seemed warm and welcoming. After worship, Baby Bear and Boo Boo prepared a feast - baked ham, maple and balsamic vinaigrette sweet potatoes, and green beans almondine with pineapple sorbet for dessert. Yum! Yum! The drive to the House on the Cove had some clouds, some rain, some sun, and National Public Radio all the way! The Cat was her amazing super-traveler again and seems content to have returned to her sun porch (despite it being just a tad chilly ...)

The boxes we mailed before we left have arrived, so we have much unpacking to do in the coming days. The file cabinet we purchased last year arrived over the winter and will be delivered later this week. I am hoping to get a microfiber mop for use on the floors. We had a quick trip to the remodeled grocery store in Bar Harbor - it seems quite nice and we will be back there again tomorrow to do a real shopping trip. The Cat has asked that we find her favorite - Barbara's Cheese Puffs - sometime soon, too.

The trees are beginning to bud, flowers should soon be pushing up through the ground, and the rain we are suppose to receive should help bring the May flowers. I am excited that we will get to see all of spring this year!