Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holey Socks!

We are learning many new customs this winter. One of the customs here on the Island is that in winter you remove your street shoes when you enter a home or building. It is done, of course, to keep the sand and salt rock and ice and wet and whatever else you may have on your shoes from damaging the floors. And so many carry slippers or sandals with them as they go about, and remove their boots and put on their "inside shoes" as they enter a dwelling/business/library, etc. Others simply make it a point to wear warm and whole socks whereever they go. We are finding people here to be practical and considerate, as this practice indicates.

This picture is of our new boots resting by the front door. We bought them for our snowshoe adventures, that have yet to happen because we have had insufficient snow. While we await the opportunity to snowshoe, we have used our boots when we have shoveled our walkway and the car parking places. We are using the basement as our "mud room" - entering on the concrete floor, removing our wet things there, then carrying them upstairs to dry and warm. We, too, are trying to be practical and considerate.

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