Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

'Twas a couple days before Christmas 2011 when cold and wet arrived at the same time to give Mama Bear and Papa Bear some snow just as they were departing for Baby Bear and Boo Boo's. The Cat waved good-bye as they left, content with her caretaker and happy to avoid the snow, the cold, and the car. The snow endured as they journeyed south ...
at least until they became closer to their destination, where it disappeared. That evening, Boo Boo and Baby Bear joined Mama Bear and Papa Bear for a fabulous dinner at Abondanza II.
Christmas Eve was spent making dessert for Christmas Day (cinnamon-sugar pie crust sticks and homemade apple pie). The New England Patriots cooperated with the spirit of the day by winning their game, and then Papa Bear and Mama Bear joined Baby Bear and Boo Boo on "The Family and Friends Tour." We first went to a home where many of Boo Boo's father's family gathered. We then went to a home where many associated with an "almost family" of Boo Boo's gathered. At both homes we were warmly welcomed, enticed to sample the incredibly delicious food, and share in the obvious abundance of love and joy that brought these people together.
Stockings were hung and everyone went to sleep. Stockings were filled to the top! Presents appeared under the lovely tree!
After opening the stockings and then feasting on popovers with strawberry rhubarb jam from Sea Biscuits Cafe, cookies, pie crust sticks, and hot drinks (tea/coffee/cocoa) we settled down to open the presents. Everyone was delighted by their gifts. And Papa Bear received a treasure trove of Angry Birds items! (What you see in the picture has been augmented by an Angry Birds bookmark from dear friends!)

Baby Bear then went to work preparing our evening feast - roasted duck (with crispy skin and succulent meat), a cherry-balsamic vinegar reduction sauce, potatoes cooked in the duck drippings, and brussel sprouts with bacon, onion and garlic. The rest of us sustained ourselves with tabouli, hummus and fresh pita (continuing the tradition from the day before) - YUM!!

We watched Christmas movies and enjoyed being with each other.

The loveliest angel kept watch over us all from the top of the tree!

The following day Boo Boo and Papa Bear went to The Hall at Patriot Place while Baby Bear and Mama Bear went ice skating. It was the first time Mama Bear had ever been on ice skates and, with Baby Bear's excellent assistance and advice, she managed to avoid falling and to have fun! She is eager to go again should the opportunity present itself.

Goodbyes were said, sleep happened, and the journey home to the House on the Cove was uneventful, except for lunch at Antonia's Pizzeria in Freeport, Maine - Antonia's was a delightfully wonderful surprise!! Mama Bear had a really good cheese steak sandwich and Papa Bear had a good hot pastrami sandwich. We may stop there again should we be in the area. The Cat was glad to see us, reported that she had had a fun Christmas, too, and that she really appreciated her presents and treats.

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